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If you want to get FROM where you are TO where you want to be,

you must be willing to Hike The Mountain.

Our mission is to serve as trusted hiking partners, guiding individuals and organizations to bridge the gap between their deeply held beliefs with their daily behaviors.


After receiving a baseball scholarship to Georgia State University, Jay decided to pursue a degree in Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture at Auburn University.​

After attending Georgia State University on a baseball scholarship, Jay put his Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture degree from Auburn University to good use.


Jay married the love of his life, and has been blessed with a son and daughter who expanded his family to now include a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and the Chief Inspiration Officer of Hike the Mountain, his granddaughter Aubrey.


He has served in ministry for over 30 years, working with teenagers, community leaders, and foreign missions worldwide. He is a John Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Coach and Seven Habits facilitator. He has spoken to community groups, real estate agencies, non-profits, and financial institutions about discovering their purpose and creating a culture based on their values. He has served as the Leadership Development Coordinator in the banking industry for almost a decade.

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Meet Aubrey Kate Woods

Chief Inspiration Officer

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Aubrey is an adventurous and spirited four-year-old who has already made a significant mark with her diverse interests and experiences. Her love for the outdoors shines through her frequent hiking trips with Papa Jay, exploring nature and fueling her curiosity.


With a passion for dinosaurs, Disney, Star Wars, and traveling, Aubrey has a vibrant imagination and an eagerness to learn about the world around her. Remarkably, she has been on 14 airline trips, journeying from coast to coast, embracing new cultures and environments at a young age.

Aubrey's enthusiasm and unique perspective have led her to host her own podcast, Diamond Discussion, Jr., where she shares her adventures, interests, and insights, connecting with listeners and inspiring other young explorers.


Furthermore, she serves as the inspiration behind Hike the Mountain, a testament to the desire to create a better, more inclusive world for Aubrey and her generation to lead and thrive in.


Aubrey's spirit and joy for life are infectious, making her not just a beacon of hope for the future but also a present-day influencer in her own right.

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