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Every organization has a culture, and everyone contributes to it. Company culture is one of the most critical mountains every organization will climb. To help organizations climb up “Culture Mountain," I have developed 5 EASY-TO-USE TOOLS over the past ten years that every community bank needs in their "backpack" of communication that enablesthem to scale their desired peak of culture.


The Trail Guide encourages and challenges your team to fulfill your mission and core values. A weekly one-page (pdf) guide helps each team member discover the best principles and practices that create an exceptional culture in your organization. Rates are based on the size of the organization or the event. The Walk and Talk Video is a 3-5 minute video designed to drive home the principles of the Trail Guide. Combined, the Trail Guide and the Walk & Talk video become powerful communication tools. It gives you the advantage of connecting with people through various learning styles.

Rates are based on the size of the organization.

2. TRAIL TRAINING (Coaching)

Trail Training is a one-hour gathering (virtually or in-person) that focuses on one topic to help inform and inspire your team on practical ways to live out the organization's values and mission.
Rates are based on the number of trainings
per year.


Take-A-Hike is a team-building activity where we hit the trail as a group. Along the way, I have the opportunity to share some lessons learned over the past decade as I have hiked over 1700 miles of the Appalachian Trail. These lessons will relate to your team both personally and professionally. These hikes can be designed as half-day, full-day, or multi-day events.
Rates are based on the length and duration of the hike.


Hike The Mountain can provide keynote presentations and workshops for on-site and off-site events.

Organizations can choose from three talks designed to reinforce their values and mission.

Talks can be created to address an organization's

specific needs.


At Hike The Mountain, we also provide individual and group coaching built around the Six Switchbacks of Personal Development. Each switchback (Definition, Direction, Distraction, Accountability, Action, Assessment) is a step toward creating the desired culture of an organization.

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