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Embarking on the coaching journey, you'll face two critical summits: the Peak of Attraction and the Peak of Expansion. Attracting new clients while nurturing and growing current relationships is paramount. With a decade of experience, I've honed five practical tools essential for every coach's “backpack.” These tools are designed to not only help you navigate but also conquer these peaks. Equip yourself, rise to the challenge, and let's transform potential into greatness together. Your journey to the top begins now—embrace it with the right tools in hand.

1. The 10 Switchbacks of

Personal Development Assessment

The 10 Switchbacks of Personal Development guide navigates through a journey with a detailed exploration of each pivotal moment, integrating real-life examples to connect deeply with everyday scenarios. It provides an introspective look at your client's journey, paired with concrete steps to advance their growth. During the 3-day training, you'll delve into each personal development phase, uncovering your client's strengths and areas for growth. This journey will empower you with insights and practical steps for both existing and new clients, challenging you to guide them through their personal development paths with clarity and purpose. Embrace this opportunity to foster growth and resilience.

2. The Organizational Ascent

and Descent Assessment

Every organization's journey toward crafting its culture is a pivotal climb.  The Organizational Ascent and Descent Assessments stand as a comprehensive guide to mastering this climb, honing in on trust, teamwork, communication, connection, leadership direction and personal responsibility. Offering insights from two vantage points, the Ascent Assessment captures the cultural pulse through the eyes of employees, while the Descent Assessment prompts reflection on their contributions to the culture. As coaches partaking in a 3-day intensive training, you'll gain proficiency in applying, interpreting, and utilizing these assessments to foster ongoing development, cohesion, and innovation within your client organizations. These tools not only enable you to identify and nurture an organization’s strengths and potential areas for growth but also equip you to broaden and deepen your consulting relationships. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your coaching practice and open new pathways for

business growth.

3. The Coach’s Assessment

The Coach's Assessment is a vibrant exploration designed for those ready to deepen their understanding and skills across various coaching realms—life, relationships, health, executive, and finance. This one-day training offers a broad perspective on how to unlock your full coaching capabilities. Through evaluating six key areas—Communication, Improvement, Goal-Setting, Business Development, Personal Development, and Renewal- it will challenge you to identify your strengths and areas for growth, equipping you with the insight to empower others more effectively. Embark on this enlightening journey to sharpen your abilities, enhance your impact, and guide others with greater confidence and clarity. It's time to step up, expand your horizons, and embrace the journey ahead with determination and enthusiasm.

4. The Coach’s Workshops

Embark on a journey to elevate your coaching business through our trio of expertly crafted workshops. Each 4-hour session is tailored to arm coaches like you with the resources needed to not only attract new clients but to deepen and broaden the relationships with those you already serve. Delve into creating a robust business generation strategy, harness the power of public speaking to uncover fresh opportunities, and integrate the innovative Hike The Mountain’s Trail Guide | Walk and Talk resource into your practice. These stand-alone sessions are meticulously designed to tap into your unique skills, enthusiasm, and vision, setting the stage for immediate business growth and ensuring long-term success. Seize this opportunity to enhance your coaching journey, making an impactful difference in your professional path and in the lives of those you guide.

5. HTM Coaching Program

As we broaden our horizons, we're on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our coaching team. Our aim? To make a significant, positive change, one coaching session at a time. This is more than a job; it's a calling for those eager to leave a mark on the world. If you're drawn to this path and ready to challenge yourself, while fostering growth in others, reach out to us at


Embark on this extraordinary journey with us and explore what lies beyond the next summit.

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