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Every organization faces mountains
that are daunting
and seemingly insurmountable. 

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If we want to get from where we are to where we want to be, we must be willing to Hike The Mountain. 

I partner with companies as they

hike up Culture Mountain to create

an exceptional workplace where extraordinary work is done.


Whether hiking the peaks of Company Culture or Personal Development, finding a hiking partner who will journey with

you makes all the difference.


So let’s hit the trail and let the journey begin.

Life is an incredible journey, we’ve got to be willing to embrace the peaks and the valleys that come our way. 

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Over the past 50 years, Jay has welcomed every path that life has taken him on, and it has been quite a journey. He was a young teenage entrepreneur running a successful landscape business. He received a baseball scholarship to Georgia State University. He earned an Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture degree from Auburn University. He married the love of his life, he has been blessed with one son, one daughter, one son-in-law, and is a proud “Papa Jay” of the best granddaughter ever. He has served in ministry for over 30 years, working with teenagers, community leaders, and foreign missions worldwide. He is a John Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Coach and Seven Habits facilitator. He has spoken to community groups, real estate agencies, non-profits, and financial institutions about discovering their purpose and creating a culture based on their values. He has served as the Leadership Development Coordinator in the banking industry

for almost a decade.

Jay lives just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, with his family. If he is not speaking and coaching companies and individuals on how to get FROM where they are TO where they want to be, you can find Jay out on a trail somewhere putting in the miles to get ready for his next section hike of the Appalachian Trail (he has completed over 1400 miles). Life is a journey, and one thing Jay has learned, no one should hike alone. So if you are looking for a great life hiking partner, he’s ready to help you discover your path so you can enjoy your journey.

Jay's Speaking Topics

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Partnering with companies as they make the hike up Culture Mountain to create an exceptional workplace where extraordinary work is done.

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Company CULTURE is one of the most important mountains every business needs to climb.


In order to reach the PEAK of CULTURE mountain, it takes TRUST and TEAMWORK that is built on personal CONNECTION and intentional COMMUNICATION.

As we begin our hike up CULTURE mountain, through this presentation, Jay will GUIDE audiences down the trail of personal stories, real-life examples, and applicable insights that will help people enjoy the view from the top of CULTURE mountain

by discovering that …

  1. Culture is created by what is celebrated and tolerated.

  2. Culture is changed through building trust and improving teamwork.

  3. Trust and teamwork are a natural outcome of personal connections and 
consistent communication.

  4. Implementing a 7-Step Strategy
    for creating an authentic and adventurous culture .

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Many paths lead to the top of a mountain, but the most efficient trail consists of switchbacks.


A switchback is when the trail  takes you on a back and forth pattern across the mountain

at a moderate incline until you reach the top. The slopes of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

are often steep and treacherous.

The most efficient and effective path up PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT mountain is

to follow the six switchbacks.

In this presentation, Jay will GUIDE audiences along these

six switchbacks that will help people progress up the mountain and become the person they want to BE so they can DO what they’ve always wanted to do. The journey of the SIX SWITCHBACKS encompass …

  1. The DEFINITION Switchback

  2. The DIRECTION Switchback

  3. The DISTRACTION Switchback

  4. The ACCOUNTABILITY Switchback

  5. The ACTION Switchback

  6. The ASSESSMENT Switchback

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Over the past decade, Jay has taken 2,923,000 steps on the Appalachian Trail, that’s over 1,450 miles.


Along the way, he has discovered that many of the lessons he has learned on the trail are practical principles that any business, group, or individual can apply to get FROM where they are TO where they want to be in life.

So it’s time to strap on your boots and hike along with Jay as he GUIDES audiences through the peaks and valleys of the Appalachian Trail to discover TEN TAKEAWAYS that everyone can apply to their lives both professionally and personally. Some of those takeaways include …

  1. Choosing to Have a positive ATTITUDE can do wonders for us and others.

  2. SOLITUDE can be scary, but it is often necessary.

  3. Knowing about something is not the same as DOING something.

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Jay knows his subject matter and is extremely well prepared when he makes a presentation, teaches a class, or facilitates discussion around a topic. His visuals are professional and captivating. He stays on a steep learning curve and engages others to do the same.

Mike Daniel, Former President, NOBL Laboratories


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Partnering with companies as they make the hike up Culture Mountain to create an exceptional workplace where extraordinary work is done.

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